A Client-Centered Estate Planning & Real Estate Law Firm Based in Lehigh County, PA

At Printz Law, you’re not going to find an attorney in a suit behind a fancy desk. You’re going to find a genuine, humble advisor and confidant who can assist you with all your estate planning and real estate law needs – in the location of your choice.
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At Printz Law, our motto is: “Rethink the legal landscape!” From lawyer style to technology to the way we meet clients, Printz Law is doing things differently because clients’ legal needs are changing so we are challenging the status quo to meet those changes.

Our goal is to make legal services accessible and convenient – with a little sparkle. We are a virtual office so we can collaborate in a variety of ways, which allows you to obtain legal solutions on your terms.

Our services include estate planning and real estate law. Our narrow focus allows us to excel in these complex areas. We strive to make the law easy for our clients to understand and navigate.

Focused on Estate Law and Real Estate Issues

The team at Printz Law is focused on estate law and real estate matters. Due to our experience, we can identify potential issues quickly and create the best plan to handle them effectively. We are committed to helping Pennsylvania residents and families prosper.

A Compassionate Attorney Is Here for You

If you have questions about handling a probate or estate administration issue, estate planning, or real estate litigation matter, we are at your disposal. Our clients are often concerned with getting a will or not understanding the seller’s disclosure literature when handling real estate transactions. Don’t worry, we got you covered. You can rely on our knowledge and experience to guide you through your estate and real estate issues professionally and successfully.

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Some attorneys use complex legal terminology to sound smart. It doesn’t have to be this way! If you are looking for a different kind of firm — Welcome! — you’ve found it. When you talk to our attorney, you’ll feel like you are talking to a friend — a friend who has years of experience handling legal issues just like yours. We want to make sure our clients understand their legal issues and what solutions are available. At Printz Law, we are working to overhaul the client experience, one client at a time. If you are ready to work with an attorney with whom you can speak candidly and who puts your needs first, please reach out today.

Our Practice Areas

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Real Estate Law

The experience of selling a house and closing can be frustrating. Since almost anything can go wrong during this process, retaining an attorney who is experienced in complex real estate law is in your best interest.

We can take care of your property matters, including buying and selling real estate. We tailor our services to fit our clients’ needs, whether they are sellers, buyers, lenders, or realtors.

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Estates and Trusts

Many people believe estate planning is reserved for the wealthy. That is not true. If you possess any type of property or asset, estate planning is for you.  Estate planning puts you in control, so you can make sure your assets are distributed exactly the way you want.

Relying on an online DIY kit can be disastrous – and your family may not find out the documents are incorrect until it’s too late. 

At Printz Law, our motto is: “Less Office, More Convenience”


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